Is Chats and Chapatis a Networking Group? No.  Some of the attendees do indeed come to develop their network, but the primary purpose is to build deeper relationships and friendships, possibly with people you have met in a less social and more structured networking environment, possibly not. What are the membership fees? Chats and Chapatis does not charge any membership fees. You pay only when you come along, and only for the food. Can I bring along a guest? Chats and Chapatis aims to create a social environment for you to meet others, but you are also welcome to bring someone if you are more comfortable doing that What is the agenda of Chats and Chapatis? There is no formal agenda.  Different people will come for different reasons.  The emphasis is on enjoying a social evening with other professional people from the area.  Some may share a business interest, some may share a leisure interest.  The common interest however, is enjoyment of good food and good company. Will I have to listen to presentations, do a 60-second speech, collect business cards, sign up to something...? No. No. Only if you want to. No. Copyright © 2012 Chats and Chapatis All photographs courtesy of Sarah Hill of Gecko Photography